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July 27, 2011, 10:05 AM

Examples of Joy

At devotions this morning we gave examples of Joy that we have experienced so far......


Diane said she gets great joy from watching our group of young people interact with the children of the village. There are no language barriers when you're playing football (soccer) There is great joy on the faces of the children when our van pulls into the village.

Julia said she gets joy from watching the faces of the village children.  They are content and happy with what they have!  Even though to us it seems they live in absolute poverty and filth, they are blessed and show it with their smiling faces!

Rebekkah (who is from Guatemala's Lutheran Hour Ministries and is a member of our translation team) said it brings her joy to watch us work so hard everyday at all of our tasks to bring the good news of Jesus to these people.

Carmen has found great joy when a translator walks into the room, just when you need them! :)

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