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July 26, 2011, 10:53 PM

VBS Day 2

We felt a lot more organized and structured for today.  However, we are still struggling with a few cultural differences.  The children are in and out all the time and see to show up for snack and craft.  We did do a lot more singing today and had a wonderful skit. The children were laughing and answering our questions so we know that they are listening.  We also talked about what sin we have in our lives and how we can try to change those bad habits we have.  We see evidence of change in behaviors, but there is still much room for improvement.  Your prayers for these children and our message would be greatly appreciated. 

We also were supposed to have mother's Bible study before VBS, unfortunately, not 1 mother came.  That was very disheartening!  We are told that it could be several reasons:  1.  This is a more Catholic area and our message is Protestant.  2.  They are not interested in hearing the message.  3. This is really the first time a group has come to the village for these purposes and they are still leary as to what we are doing. 

We will try again tomorrow.  Please pray for this ministry as well.

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