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PreSchool/PreKindergarten Teacher

Katrina Erdman

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 Mrs. Erdman graduated from Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School and throughout her grade school, high school and college years began to develop her love of working with young children through different jobs at area child care and preschool centers.  She is a graduate of Concordia University Saint Paul, MN, with a degree in Early Childhood Education and a minor in Lutheran Confessionalism. In October 2019 she officially became Mrs. Erdman when she married her fiance, Kirk. When she is not pursuing her passion for working with children, she enjoys time with her husband and family, running, reading, hiking, and water activities. 

Mrs. Erdman feels that to Follow In Jesus Footsteps is an especially wonderful image to think on in the K3/K4 classroom. She is so thankful to have Jesus’ footsteps to follow in as Ishe teaches His most precious littles, and that she has the wonderful opportunity to guide them in following His footsteps themselves. 

When she is not studying for school or working with children, Mrs. Erdman loves to read, run, go camping and enjoy the outdoors.  She loves the water including swimming and boating.