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Katie Rozumialski

Hi, I am Katie Rozumialski. I am a Stevens Point native and lucky enough to have ties to St. Paul thru my husband's family.  I grew up as the younger of 7 children in a very traditional, Roman Catholic home, and have strong faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Unlike the rest of my siblings, I was able to participate in Catholic retreats in high school and grow closer to my faith thru the more nontraditional Christian ways besides serving, cantoring and reading at St. Mary's Catholic Church down the road from my family homestead in Custer.  Though we are a nontraditional Christian family, teaching our children to have faith in their father who gave us life is always been a passion to me and love being a part of a school who has that same passion along with teaching our future generations good values.  I am proud to be a new team member of the PTL and can't wait to help and grow our community.