Frequently Asked Questions

You do not have to be a Lutheran or a member of St. Paul Lutheran Church to attend. We welcome all children to learn and grow with us, while teaching according to our Lutheran Faith. If you would like to know more, contact us and we would be glad to share more.


All of our caring and talented faculty are properly trained and licensed for the Wisconsin Department of Instruction. Many of our teachers are also Called or trained in Lutheran doctrine for the Religion area they instruct. They see what they are doing as a calling to serve, divinely prepared, and fulfill their roles with great care and concern for each child they teach. Our teachers are placed in areas of their strength so that they can instruct their students with a great deal of depth and skill. Our teachers are always learning, from technology to safety, or best practices in learning through professional development.

St. Paul Lutheran School is a Nationally Accredited School by the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.


There are three main ways we work to support families in making the choice to attend St. Paul Lutheran School in Stevens Point. Our goal is to make it so that families who desire a Christian education have opportunities to make this happen beyond means and circumstances as much as possible. One opportunity is in our Tuition Assistance program for students attending grades

K3-8. Awards are always based on need and are typically issued in the spring before a school year starts. Our school uses TADS as a third party aid assessment. Secondly, your family can use our SCRIP program to help reduce tuition costs. Finally, we have a Family Referral program where you receive discounts on your tuition if you refer a family or families to St. Paul and they enroll for the year.


St. Paul Lutheran School is a vital component of St. Paul Lutheran Church. The church plays an essential role in supporting the school children and parents. St. Paul Lutheran Church funds a portion of the overall budget. It also helps the partnership through Bible classes for all ages, youth ministries, care ministries, counseling, and music.


We pray that St. Paul’s parents will train their children in the way of the Lord, nurture the development of their child’s faith by encouraging their child through instruction and by example to live a life of faith, prayer, worship and service to Christ, that they would pray for family, church and school, and take an active and involved interest in the education of their child.

You may contact the school office by phone at 715-344-5660 or email at with any questions you may have.