Our History

Historical Time Line


St. Paul Lutheran Church & School



1872 - Fall of 1872, 12 families constituted the membership of the newly gathered flock. First congregational meeting October 2 bringing St. Paul Lutheran to existence.

1873 - Together with Amherst and Almond congregations, St. Paul calls the Rev. W.C. Schilling to be our pastor. Pastor Schilling is installed and ordained at St. Paul on July 26th.

1876 - Parsonage on Elk Street is completed.

1909 - Rev. B.O. Richter succeeds  Pastor Schmidt at St. Paul. Worship in English is introduced.

1915 - Pastor Richter moves to Amherst and is replaced by the Rev. E.H. Bertermann.

1919 - Pastor Bertermann is called to Trinity Lutheran in Wausau. St. Paul membership is at 208 and financially self-supporting.

1951 - The Rev. Herbert Wunderlich is installed in April to replace Rev. Ludwig, who has accepted a call to St. John in Merrill.
1953 - St. Paul Lutheran School is conceived and Mr. John Roth is called.
1955 - First classes at St. Paul Lutheran school meet in the basement with 16 students. The first outdoor Easter service is held and 500 attend.
1957 - Ground breaking for the new school building is held on September 4th.
1958 - On February 4th, Pastor Wunderlich passes on following heart surgery. Pastor M.L. Dake becomes pastor of St. Paul in December.

1980 - Rev. Dake retires on September 28th.

1981 - Rev. Keith Brutlag is installed on Palm Sunday weekend. Major fundraising "The Building for Christ Appeal" started in May.

1982 - New addition is completed in September.

1985 - Two new homes are purchased and demolished for increasing the size of the parking lot. A 9:30 a.m. Sunday worship service is added.

1988 - His Love-Our Response Bible Study and long term staffing study is completed.

2000 - Rev. Jonathan Wessel is installed. St. Paul now has three full time Pastors.

2001- Our new addition is completed and dedicated. A new playground structure is installed.

2004 - Rev. Bob Barnes retires in June.

2005 - Pastor Bob Degner is called to be an Intentional Interim Pastor. Pastor Friedrich accepts a call to Arizona. Mr. Thies retires as principal. Mrs. Lilienthal is called to be Interim Principal.


2006 - Mr. Bill Zuelsdorff accepts a call to become the new principal for St. Paul Lutheran School.

2007 - Rev. Tom Petersen is installed as Senior Pastor



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1863 - Pastor Streiter tours northern Wisconsin including Stevens Point.


1887 - Pastor Schilling accepts another call and is replaced by Pastor Roller.

1890 - Our Church building is enlarged, the parsonage is expanded and a school is built.

1895 - Pastor Karl Schmidt is installed on October 20th to replace Pastor Roller.

1898 - Cornerstone is laid for a new church at the present location on June 5th.


1920 - On April 18th, the Rev. Rufus Hudtloff, a former military chaplain was installed.

1931 - Rev. W.F. Ludwig is installed replacing Rev. Hudtloff because of health reasons.

1932 - St. Paul celebrates 60th anniversary on October 23rd.

1934 - On August 18th, the church building is struck by lightning and destroyed by fire.

1935 - Cornerstone laid for a new church on July 14th. The new church is dedicated on Dec. 15th.

1968 - Mr. John Roth accepts a call to Manawa and Mr. Roland Goltz replaces him the next year.

1971 - Rev. Jerome Wagoner becomes Associate Pastor and Ronal Thies is installed as the school principal.

1972 - Women are granted voting rights by a change in the constitution.

1978 - Rev. Bob Barnes is installed after Rev. Wagoner accepts a call to Rochester, MN.


1992 - Director of Sprititual Growth and Administration position is added to our staff. Call to action and Treasures in our Midst programs are held. The playground is updated.

1995 - Rev. Keith Brutlag accepts a call to MN. The Roosevelt Organ is dedicated on October 8th.

1996 - Rev. Mark Friedrich is installed in January.

1997 - 125th Anniversary is celebrated September to November.

2010 - Service to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the new sanctuary

2012 - Yearlong celebrations planned to celebrate 140th Anniversary

2014 - Mr. Bill Zuelsdorff accepts a call to be principal at Trinity, Wausau.  Mr. Curt Lamb becomes our Interim Principal.


2015 - Mr. Jim Wegner accepts the call to be our next principal.  Pastor Roger Moldenhauer celebrates 50 years in the ministry.

2016 - Pastor Petersen retired at the end of May.  Pastor Steve Hulke was called to St. Paul and installed in June.

2017 - October 29th 500th Anniversary of the Reformation Hymn Festival  is held at St. Paul.

2018 - Pastor Joshua Baumann was called to St. Paul and installed in March.