SCRIP Center

Actual SCRIP cards are now available to purchase once again.

Unfortunately, our building is still closed, but we will accept orders/ payment in advance via online or an email to our SCRIP Coordinator, Bridget Soik - If you choose to order via email with Bridget, your check must accompany your pickup of SCRIP cards.

You will be able to stop by on Thursdays at door #3 (the main entrance) to pickup your SCRIP cards within an envelope between 4:00 pm— 5:30 pm. Orders must be placed by 5:00 pm on Wednesday to allow us to process them for Thursday.  We thank you for your patience and continued support of our SCRIP program.

You can still order digital cards on-line using the and the code: DA4141DB755 

What is Scrip?

Scrip is a fundraising program that allows you to help earn money for St. Paul without spending any extra money you wouldn’t normally be spending. It also allows you to earn credit to be applied toward tuition at St. Paul or Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School, tuition assistance, Youth, Building for Christ or the Scrip program.

How Does It Work?

Scrip is really just another term for gift card. We purchase gift cards from various businesses at a discount and then sell them to families at face value. The difference between our cost and the face value of the Scrip is revenue for our church and school. You help us to fundraise just by spending money you normally spend anyway! For example, we purchase a $100 gift card from Copps at a 4% discount. Our cost is $96. A family then buys this gift card from us for $100 and redeems it for $100. The Scrip Program earns $4 from this purchase. With the Scrip Credit option, 50% of this money ($2) will stay in the program and 50% ($2) can be applied to your tuition or to another program that you choose.

Scrip Makes Tuition Affordable

The St. Paul Lutheran Scrip program helps make tuition affordable for many students who are attending our school. Some of these families might not be able to send their child to St. Paul without the extra help that Scrip provides.
Are you taking full advantage of these saving by using Scrip for all of your household expenses, including groceries, gasoline , home maintenance and even travel? Maybe you are doubtful that these purchases will really add up to any substantial tuition credit. Are you a skeptic? If so take a look for yourself! These are a few of the actual Scrip Tuition Credits that have been earned so far this year:
Family A: $580
Family B: $367
Family C: $260
Family D: $119
Family E: $7
Where will you end the year? Is your goal to have your entire tuition paid for with Scrip? Well let me tell you it is possible!!

Shop With Scrip

You can even sign up to buy and print Scrip right from your home computer! Go to and sign up today! Our shop with Scrip code is : DA4141DB755
This code must be used when setting up a account. Using the code will allow St. Paul to receive fund for purchases made online.

Check back soon for more announcements.
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